Bad Mouse Orchestra

"Bad Mouse Orchestra are one of those acts that rarely comes along so if you get the chance to see them, don't miss out!"

Mary Agnes Krell, GNUF organizer

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The Bad Mouse Orchestra is a German ukulele and guitar trio playing swing and jazz tunes from the 1920’s to 40’s.

Our repertoire covers well known standards such as “I Can’t Give You Anything but Love” and “Sweet Georgia Brown” which allows the audience to sing along, but we also play unknown and forgotten numbers that have rarely been heard in almost a hundred years.
These tunes we discover when digging through old sheet music or gramophone records which we find in dusty boxes on flea markets, attics or thrift stores.Our passion for the time does not stop when we leave stage. The love for the music, old fashion and the fun we have performing together is not simply a show we put on but it truly is authentic.

Another key point of our performances is a collection of original arrangements by the ukulele virtuoso Roy Smeck. Passed on to us by Roy’s old student Vincent Cortese many arrangements can not be heard anywhere else. The incredibly creative and stunt filled arrangements bring fresh wind into the old songs.

As the Bad Mouse Orchestra we are dedicated to bring back the vibe of the roaring 20’s, daring 30’s and wicked 40’s. Not however in the extravagant manner of old broadway shows but in a much more intimate way, like three friends getting together at the end of the day to play their favourite gramophone records right there in their living room.

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"Great style and musicianship deliver an authentic old-time sound in a thoroughly entertaining show."

Matt Warnes, Editor, UKE Magazine

Drunk With Love

A highlight program for queer artists of the early 20th century

We want to drag the music and songs of queer composers and performers, especially unknown ones, of the early 20th century out of the mists of time and into the light of the presence, so that the forgotten melodies and lyrics can be heard on European stages once again. The central goal is to make the diversity of queer creative power of that era visible. Featured in this program are the hauntingly beautiful, witty and charming songs of Bruz Fletcher, Gene Malin, Ma Rainey, Tony Jackson, Gladys Bentley, Cole Porter, Ray Bourbon and many more. 

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Suited for concerts, festivals, parties, private events, weddings, lindy hop nights, ambience in bars etc. 




Ukulele swing from forgotten queer musicians

Suited for concerts, festivals, in combination with exhibitions or historical talks, museums, pride events, parties etc.

This is a 1-2h workshop aimed at every skill level. We teach the witty tricks of Ukulele legend Roy Smeck which make it easy to impress. 


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